Creative And Results-Driven Commercial Litigators

Working for larger law firms gave our attorneys an appreciation for personalized representation and accessibility. With a commitment to making a difference in the lives of our fellow businesses, we established Hansberry & Jourdonnais, PLLC.

If your business is involved in a dispute, you need an attorney who understands both the legal and fiscal challenges facing your business. Likewise, if you are an insurer providing coverage for a business dispute, you need an attorney that understands the underlying business of your policy-holder.

Customized Strategies To Protect Your Business Interests

At Hansberry & Jourdonnais, PLLC, you are hiring a team of professionals. During your initial consultation, we will identify your specific issues and provide you multiple options tailored to your specific needs. We will always make a recommendation among the options, but will also implement the option you choose. While we are skilled litigators,we recognize that not every case should go to trial.

Ultimately, trial is only one of many tools available to us to achieve the clients’ goals. In order to be an effective tool, however, it has to be available should other options prove unsuccessful. In those cases, our business lawyers will skillfully prepare cases for trial before judges, juries or arbitrators.

Whether your business needs or your insurance claim involves banking, construction, employment or environmental issues, you need that level of advocacy.

A Focus On Your Future

At Hansberry & Jourdonnais, PLLC, we work with our fellow businesses – whether local or national, small or large – to pursue the best possible resolutions. Email our Missoula law firm or call us at 406-203-1730.