Secure Your Investment With Skilled Legal Counsel

Construction projects from single-family homes to large commercial projects represent significant investments that need protection. When disputes turn into lawsuits, public and private companies in the construction industry need dedicated and diligent legal advocacy.

Addressing The Specific Needs Of Your Construction Project

At Hansberry & Jourdonnais, PLLC, we advise and represent property owners, contractors, suppliers, engineers and design professionals in contractual and insurance matters that involve:

  • Construction contract disputes
  • Construction liens and bonds
  • The Miller Act
  • The Prompt Payment Act
  • Design/construction defects

We can also serve as in-house counsel, advising you on contractual matters. Construction documents are filled with complex terms and legalese. You need to know what you are signing before you sign it, not after the dispute arises. Before you enter into a formal contract, we can conduct a thorough review to ensure protection of your interests.

The most well-drafted and thoroughly reviewed contract will not always prevent the other party from violating the agreement. These complex legal problems can significantly affect the progress of your construction projects. You need an attorney who will represent your best interests in arbitration or litigation.

Protecting The Business Interests Of Construction Companies Nationwide

Our practice of construction litigation is not only comprehensive, but, where possible, it also goes beyond the borders of Montana to projects across the country. Contact a construction lawyer at Hansberry & Jourdonnais, PLLC, by filling out our online intake form. You can also call our Missoula law office at 406-203-1730.